Coyote Wash Project Moving Forward

The Coyote Wash Recharge Project is the largest project of its kind and one of the most unique, since it is the first funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Conservation Resource Service (NRCS) on public land. That is thanks to a new bill which focuses NRCS on watersheds, not just projects on agricultural or range lands.

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The purpose of the Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network (CCRN) is to implement a regional network of water-management projects that meet the long-term needs of the Sierra Vista Subwatershed.


The vision of the CCRN is a flowing San Pedro River, the conservation of water resources, and a vibrant local economy.

Member Organizations

The CCRN was formed in 2015, and includes Cochise County, the City of Sierra Vista, The Nature Conservancy, Hereford Natural Resources Conservation District, and the City of Bisbee.