Three Canyons Project

The Three Canyons Site is on the west side of the San Pedro River and is owned by Cochise County. A conservation easement on the 480-acre parcel is held by the City of Sierra Vista and conserves an estimated 2,588 acre-feet/year of groundwater that will not be pumped due to precluded development and/or irrigation. The goal of the site is to preclude groundwater pumping from the large capacity irrigation wells located on the property that historically would dry up the nearby reach of the San Pedro River when pumping. While there are no plans for a recharge facility at this site, Cochise County is exploring other water conservation efforts at this site. Groundwater monitoring began in 2016 by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and is ongoing.

Cochise County is exploring other water conservation efforts on their Three Canyons property, such as regenerative agriculture to increase stormwater infiltration.


The purpose of the Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network (CCRN) is to implement a regional network of water-management projects that meet the long-term needs of the Sierra Vista Subwatershed.


The vision of the CCRN is a flowing San Pedro River, the conservation of water resources, and a vibrant local economy.

Member Organizations

The CCRN was formed in 2015, and includes Cochise County, the City of Sierra Vista, The Nature Conservancy, Hereford Natural Resources Conservation District, and the City of Bisbee.