Riverstone Site

The Riverstone Site is located on the west side of the San Pedro River and is managed by Cochise County. A conservation easement on the 1811-acre parcel is held by The Nature Conservancy and conserves an estimated 149-acre-feet/year of groundwater that will not be pumped due to precluded development. The goal of a future recharge project at the Riverstone Site is to raise groundwater levels under the project, increase downstream base flow in about 15-miles of the San Pedro River, and connect sections of the river that do not flow year-round. Initial project studies were conducted in 2015. Groundwater and surface water monitoring began in 2016 and is ongoing.

Carr Canyon Wash, an ephemeral tributary of the San Pedro River, flows through the Riverstone property after joining with Ramsey Canyon Wash. (photo credit Brooke Bushman)

Several basins on the Riverstone property were constructed in the early 1900s by previous owners, and demonstrate that stormwater flows across the property. (photo credit Brooke Bushman)

The CCRN monitors water flow across the Riverstone property, as well as the other recharge properties, using devices that are downloaded quarterly and analyzed annually. (photo credit Brooke Bushman)


The mission of the Cochise Conservation & Recharge Network (CCRN) is to implement a regional network of land and water management projects that result in a healthy watershed, flowing San Pedro River, conservation of water resources, and a vibrant local economy.

Member Organizations

The CCRN was formed in 2015, and includes Cochise County, the City of Sierra Vista, The Nature Conservancy, Hereford Natural Resources Conservation District, the City of Bisbee, and Fort Huachuca.