The Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network consists of seven sites as of 2018, plus potential projects, on a total of 6,344 acres along the Upper San Pedro River, as shown on the CCRN Site Location Map. Listed from upstream to downstream (south to north), the projects are Horseshoe Draw, Palominas, Three Canyons, Riverstone, Sierra Vista Environmental Operations Park (EOP), Bella Vista, and Babocomari River at Huachuca City. Each site has been selected for its potential to recharge and/or conserve water to benefit the river. The sites offer diverse but complementary hydrologic functions at a regional scale. These functions include the ability to retire historic high-volume pumping, and/or to preclude high-volume future pumping near the alluvial aquifer, and to recharge effluent, urban enhanced runoff (UER) and/or diffuse stormwater in key locations. Additional sites that are capable of enhancing the vision of the CCRN may also complement this network and be promoted by the CCRN in the future.

CCRN recharge projects share the following criteria:

  • Benefits to the river or aquifer are measurable and consistent with the CCRN goals
  • Volumes of local water sources used for recharge (stormwater or effluent) are measured and used efficiently
  • Recharge facilities include monitoring equipment to measure increases in groundwater levels in response to the project
  • All applicable laws and regulations have been met
  • A CCRN member has ownership or authority of site and/or site activities


The purpose of the Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network (CCRN) is to implement a regional network of water-management projects that meet the long-term needs of the Sierra Vista Subwatershed.


The vision of the CCRN is a flowing San Pedro River, the conservation of water resources, and a vibrant local economy.

Member Organizations

The CCRN was formed in 2015, and includes Cochise County, the City of Sierra Vista, The Nature Conservancy, Hereford Natural Resources Conservation District, and the City of Bisbee.